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Refurbishing and Modifying a Soundcraft DC2000


This job has led us on a pretty extensive journey.  First, we had to get the computer working again...that was a pretty laborious task.  Next the entire console was stripeed down to nothing, the patchbay was cleaned and resoldered, all critical points were hand soldered, all switches were lubricated and cleaned, all the pots were sprayed with contact cleaner and all the fader packs were fixed up as well.

Next we modified the Master Section and the last bucket of input modules.

These jobs are quite daunting at first, but in the end they are very rewarding.  


Refurbishing a Soundcraft Spirit Live Monitor II

Today was spent bringing a Soundcraft Spirit Live Monitor II back to life for use at the Nashville Amp Expo. This one had really seen better days.  It had the typical problems of solder fractures around the XLR and 1/4 jacks, plus a few blown up mic pres just to spice things up.  It was caked in dirt and grime as well.  But we got that all cleaned up.


All in all it's a solid board that will get the job done!