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Creation Audio Labs, Inc. was founded in Nashville, TN in 2003 by former Harman-Soundcraft employees. Our owner and vice president of research & development, Alex "Skip" Welti, was Soundcraft's former national service manager for over a decade. He along with other members of our service team oversaw the quality control inspections and servicing of countless Soundcraft consoles during their tenure with the company while they were based in the Nashville area. That being said, we know Soundcraft!


Our years of research, combined with over 30 years of experience in studio maintenance and pro-audio design and repair has birthed a slew of amazing console upgrades that we're glad to offer you today.  And with specs that rival SSL, API, and Neve for a fraction of the cost, it's time to resurrect these classics.

Click the photos below for more details and pricing information...

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