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Console QC and Repair Process

Creation Audio Labs has some gear to sell. Occasionally we find some gear that is just too good to leave sitting around on a shelf. So we put it through our rigorous QC proceedure, fix any issues, and post it here to find a new owner. 


Have something to sell?  Let us run your gear through our QC process and fix it up so you can sell it with confidence.  Anything we've QC'd and repaired may be posted here to help you sell it (10% comission, storage fees may apply to gear left in the shop more than 30 days).


About to buy something used elsewhere?  Have it sent here for evaluation and we'll let you know if it needs any attention.  We can rebuild, restore and do upgrades if necessary!  Check out our service menus for more details.


If you have any questions contact us for more information.

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