Fully modified and refurbished Soundcraft Ghost Input Channel Module - includes one modified Input Channel Module, one modified rear-connector module, one white flex-ribbon, and one fader - price: $200 per channel Features:		New, high-performance op-amps and electrolytic capacitors on ALL analog signal pathways (from the mic preamps to the tape returns - everything gets upgraded). We also install IC sockets for easy, solder-free replacement of op-amps in the future.
		Additional decoupling on mic pre to improve power supply filtering, which reduces crosstalk. 
		Suppression capacitors to filter out unwanted ultra-sonic oscillations that eat up headroom    
		New, corrosion-resistant Neutrik gold-plated jacks on the Insert
		All modules additionally receive full refurbishments to restore them to “like-new” condition and strengthen all mechanical components connections to the PCB

Our proprietary modifications introduce major improvements to the analog signal pathways by increasing headroom, lowering noise-floor, improving THD+Noise specs, improving low and low-midrange response, widening stereo field, as well as improving phase response for faster/tighter transients. You’ll find your console sounding incredibly transparent with more punch, clarity, and definition in your mixes. It really is a "day and night" difference
All modifications, refurbishments, and testing have been performed by skilled technicians at Creation Audio Labs, Inc. in Lebanon, TN. Our modifications carry a limited life-time warranty, which guarantees free service if the modules experience issues or failure as a result of our workmanship. This warranty DOES NOT cover issues are damage caused by general misuse, improper installation, shipping damage, or general wear and tear.

Modified Soundcraft Ghost Input Channel Module