• New, high-performance op-amps and electrolytic capacitors on ALL analog signal pathways (from the mic preamps to the mix outputs - everything gets upgraded). We also install IC sockets for easy, solder-free replacement of op-amps in the future.

  • Additional decoupling on all major ICs to reduce crosstalk, and suppression capacitors to filter out unwanted high-frequency oscillations that eat up headroom

  • New, corrosion-resistant Neutrik gold-plated jacks on all inserts & headphone jack

  • All modules additionally receive full refurbishments to restore them to “like-new” condition and strengthen all mechanical components connections to the PCB - learn more about our restoration process here 

  • Our proprietary modifications introduce major improvements to the analog signal pathways by increasing headroom, lowering noise-floor, improving THD+Noise specs, improving low and low-midrange response, widening stereo field, as well as improving phase response for faster/tighter transients. You’ll find your console sounding incredibly transparent with more punch, clarity, and definition in your mixes. It really is a "day and night" difference!



Ghost & Ghost LE modifications

  • Full Console Pricing Estimate 

    (with Gold Insert Jacks / without Gold Insert Jacks*) 

    • 24 Channel: $5049 / $4799*

    • 32 Channel: $6295 / $5995*

    • Expander Sidecar: $4110 / $3995*

    If your Ghost was built post 2001, then it should not need the Gold Jack replacements.


    Pricing Per Module

    • Input Module: $157.95 with Gold Insert Jack replacement / $149.95* without Gold Insert Jack

    • Group Module (two per console, Grp 1-2 and Grp 3-4): $190.95

    • Studio/Oscillator Module (Grp 5-6): $201.95

    • Aux Master Module (Grp 7-8): $204.95 

    • Master/CRM Module: $298.95

    • Master section Neutrik gold jack upgrade (19 jacks): $184.95*

    • Ghost Expander Console internal interfacing PCBs: $349.95


    Expander Sidecar Parts

    If you bought a Ghost Expander console, it should include an interface adapter that fits inside the main console and a shielded audio umbilical cord to connect the consoles together.  Used Ghost Expander consoles are often missing these parts.  We can build these for you:

    • Expander Interface PCB for Main console: $300

    • Expander Internal Ribbon Extender: $25

    • Shielded Audio Umbilical cable to Expander: $198


    Other Board Modifications (call for pricing & options)

    • Fader unity gain bypass switch
    • Stereo Aux 8 switched from Mix B pathway to Mix A
    • Custom input/Output transformers installed on select signal pathways (mic/line input, summing pathway outputs, etc.)
    • Penny & Giles Fader Upgrade
    • Master CRM Volume Pot replacement
    • Full replacement of all 1/4" TRS jacks with Neutrik gold-plated jacks


    Refurbishments Only - if you're interested in having your board or individual modules refurbished without modifications, the cost is $35 per module (cost to refurbish rear-conns and faders included in input channel refurb price; cost to refurbish master section rear-conns factored separately). The price to fully refurbish a 24 channel Ghost is $1140. The cost for a 32 channel Ghost is $1420


    Power Supply Rebuild - The CPS-250/275 power supplies that original shipped with Ghosts are great units. However, they are succeptible to general wear and tear, as well as other heat-related issues. For an additional $120-240, we can rebuild these supplies, addressing any heat-related problems, upgrading bridge rectifiers, removing any problematic spade connectors on high-cu