• New, high-performance op-amps and electrolytic capacitors on ALL analog signal pathways (from the mic preamps to the mix outputs - everything gets upgraded). We also install IC sockets for easy, solder-free replacement of op-amps in the future.

  • Additional decoupling on all major ICs to reduce crosstalk, and suppression capacitors to filter out unwanted high-frequency oscillations that eat up headroom

  • New, corrosion-resistant Neutrik gold-plated headphone jack

  • LED arrays installed in VU meters to replace incandescent bulbs (multiple colors available)

  • All modules additionally receive full refurbishments to restore them to “like-new” condition and strengthen all mechanical components connections to the PCB - learn more about our restoration process here 

  • Our proprietary modifications introduce major improvements to the analog signal pathways by increasing headroom, lowering noise-floor, improving THD+Noise specs, improving low and low-midrange response, widening stereo field, as well as improving phase response for faster/tighter transients. You’ll find your console sounding incredibly transparent with more punch, clarity, and definition in your mixes. It really is a "day and night" difference






TS series modifications (TS12 & TS24)

  • Pricing Per Module

    • TS24 Mono Input Module: $263.40
    • TS24 Master Command Module: $1068.43
    • TS12 Mods: (call for pricing and details)


    Other Board Modifications Pricing

    • VU Meter LED array upgrade (multiple colors available): $30 per meter
    • Input transformers on Mic inputs (call for pricing & options)
    • Patch-bay refurbishment: $750.00
    • Power Supply refurbishment & upgrades, + calibration to +/-18V on rails (call for pricing)


    All prices listed on this page are pre-tax rates. Additional TN tax rate (9.25%) will apply to all service unless you have resale or tax exempt status and can provide a valid certificate of this.


    All modification services require a deposit of 50% in advance of all work with the remainder due upon completion. We accept cash, check, all major credit cards, PayPal (sales@creationaudiolabs.com), money order, and wire transfers.  


    *Pricing subject to change. All prices are current as of 05/26/2018.