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Creation Audio Labs has developed an incredible upgrade for the Soundcraft Ghost mixing console that greatly enhances all the sonic attributes of the desk while maintaining its British characteristics!


Check out Pro Audio Review Magazine's cover article on our mod!


The original Ghost design is very good to begin with, and the IC upgrade puts this desk over the top! The mic pre’s, EQ section, the outputs, B-Mix path, direct output drivers, and aux sections all gain responsiveness and clarity.  The noise floor of the desk drops significantly.  The Left/Right stereo field widens out greatly too, due the improvement in crosstalk. Upgrading the capacitors improves low end clarity as well as tightening up the lo mid frequency response by increasing the values of these caps and replacing the stock capacitors with ones that have a much lower ESR.  The stock Ghost pales in comparison to the modification!


<<This slide show contains graphs showing improvements in THD+noise, noise floor and stereo crosstalk.  Click over the picture and a description will appear.

Read more about the Ghost and it's history in our blog... 

Soundcraft Ghost Mods

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Soundcraft Ghost Upgrade

Soundcraft Ghost Upgrade

The latest cutting edge, super low impedance audio capacitors and IC op amps are installed... We add high quality, gold plated, machine tooled IC sockets for reliability.

Overall THD+n Distortion

Overall THD+n Distortion

The distortion through the entire signal path is improved, giving the console a more pleasing musical quality.

Overall Noise Floor

Overall Noise Floor

In addition to using the quietest IC op-amps, we rebuild and optimize the power supply and refurbish all the power, ground and audio connections. This adds up to a huge improvement (20dBu or more) in the noise floor - giving your mix better definition, blacker-blacks and whiter-whites so to speak...

Crosstalk between Left and Right

Crosstalk between Left and Right

Using stereo IC op-amps with greater isolation, and improving the power and ground connections gives a 10dBu improvement in stereo crosstalk, resulting in improved stereo imaging - wider, with more space between the placement of instruments in the field.

Creation Audio Labs can do entire consoles, master sections, or individual channels as requested.  We recommend that as a minimum, the master section be done first, with the possibility of at least two input channels as well.  This gives a stereo pair of "hot rodded" channels through a big time beefed up master section!


During this process, we also perform a general refurb of the console, which is a complete strip down and rebuild of the desk.  We address all problems, clean up things, hand re-solder pot and jack connections, etc.  Please view the refurbishment / restoration section of our web page for a walk through of this process.


  • All metal work, knobs and PCB modules are cleaned with the appropriate chemicals / solutions / high pressure air.

  • All rearcon jack connections and all pot connections are resoldered by hand.  This insures good connection to the PCB and corrects any solder fractures which cause "crackle" and intermittent drop outs.

  • All switches are cleaned and lubed.

  • All pots are cleaned with very expensive chemical cleaners and HP air.

  • All faders are cleaned and lubed, and the hot wire of the fader is moved and resoldered to prevent shorting to adjacent cards.  Additionally any hot glue is removed and the wires are securely attached with foil tape.  Ghost faders are not typically extremely smooth to begin with, but we have found a special cleaning and lube process that makes them as silky as possible.  The fader mods do not affect the audio, they only improve the reliability and feel.  Ask about replacing faders with high quality P&G or TKD faders - we have found by moving a few small parts, we can make these fit like a glove.

  • All insert jacks are replaced with gold plated Neutrik jacks if needed.

  • After the refurb process is complete the console is reassembled and fully tested via oscilloscope waveform analysis and condenser mic "live" audio testing.  All problems found are corrected.

  • Additionally, the power supply is QC’d and trimmed for maximum headroom specs.  If you have the older PSM-series power supply, it is necessary to update your power supply as a first priority.  The Soundcraft CPS-275 power supply is approved, or we can build a custom Power House for you.

  • All IC's in the audio path are replaced with the most advanced compliment of Burr Brown, Analog Devices and National Semiconductor IC's.

  • All the Jamicon SK series stock capacitors (general purpose caps) are replaced with ultra-low ESR, high performance capacitors.


Full Console Pricing Estimate: (with Gold Insert Jacks) If your Ghost was built post 2001, then it should not need the Gold Jack replacements. 

CONTACT US FOR CURRENT PRICING, these prices are not updated due to Volatile parts cost and availability regarding COVID

  • 24 Channel: $7560*

  • 32 Channel: $9435*

  • Expander Sidecar: $5410*

  • Dual Mono Mod entire output master section, Add $686.40


Per module pricing: 

CONTACT US FOR CURRENT PRICING, these prices are not updated due to Volatile parts cost and availability regarding COVID

  • Input Module: $213.44* with Gold Insert Jack replacement / $208.44* without Gold Insert Jack

    • WIMA Caps in EQ Section, Add $55 per module​

    • Mute Relays to eliminate FETs in signal path, Add $92.50 per module

  • Group Module (two per console, Grp 1-2 and Grp 3-4): $217.66*

    • Dual Mono Mod, Add $140.80

  • Studio/Oscillator Module (Grp 5-6): $234.57*

    • Dual Mono Mod, Add $123.20​

  • Aux Master Module (Grp 7-8): $247.65* 

    • Dual Mono Mod, Add $686.40​

  • Master/CRM Module: $176.00*

    • Dual Mono Mod, Add $246.40​​

  • Master section Neutrik gold jack upgrade (19 jacks): $184.95*

  • Ghost Expander Console internal interfacing PCBs: $349.95*


If you bought a Ghost Expander console, it should include an interface adapter that fits inside the main console and a shielded audio umbilical cord to connect the consoles together.  Used Ghost Expander consoles are often missing these parts.  We can build these for you:

CONTACT US FOR CURRENT PRICING, these prices are not updated due to Volatile parts cost and availability regarding COVID

  • Expander Interface PCB for Main console: $325*

  • Expander Internal Ribbon Extender: $35*

  • Shielded Audio Umbilical cable to Expander: $228*


*Pricing is subject to change. Please CONTACT us for current prices. (pricing was current as of 2018-01-31)

*Plus TN tax (9.25%) unless you have resale or tax exempt status.

*For information on refurbishing and modifying other consoles, please call us for a quote.


When you're sending gear for service, please fill-in this Service Agreement and include it with your unit.

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