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This is our forte:

The repair and restoration of mixing consoles - notably Soundcraft, Allen and Heath, Crest and Yamaha - is what sets us apart from all other "repair centers." We are recognized in the pro-audio community as a leader in the field. Our restoration process is second to none. It is a highly involved series of stages that, in most cases, brings the console back to better-than-new status. We also offer console modifications and upgrades. These include grounding mods, noise floor reduction mods and IC up-chipping.

Specialized repair:

If you have Allen and Heath, Crown, Soundcraft, Yamaha, AMEK or any other audio gear that needs attention, we have 30 years of experience in pro audio repair service.  We are one of the last repair centers in the world equipped to work on the Soundcraft DC2000 and DC2020 consoles.


We will also service, repair and restore many other types of pro-audio gear - such as Crown power amps, rack gear, processors, individual mixer modules and much more. We are equipped to modify existing equipment or custom build devices to suit almost any unique Pro Audio need. Let us know your specific needs and we'll see what we can do.  CONTACT us if you have any questions.


When you're sending gear to Nashville for service, please fill-in this Service Agreement and include it with your unit.

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