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Our proprietary modifications introduce major improvements to the analog signal pathways by increasing headroom, lowering noise-floor, reducing the Total-Harmonic Distortion (THD), improving low and low-midrange response, widening stereo field, as well as improving phase response for faster/tighter transients. You’ll find your console sounding incredibly transparent with more punch, clarity, and definition in your mixes. It really is a "day and night" difference!

What's involved in our process? 

  • New, high-performance op-amps on ALL analog signal pathways - from the mic preamps to the mix outputs - everything gets upgraded. We also install IC sockets for easy, solder-free replacement of op-amps in the future. These op amps provide for:  

    • Improved headroom specs for less distortion

    • Reduced DC Offset, which allows for safe removal of certain coupling caps, providing for improved phase response. 

    • Optimal slew-rate that dramatically reduces instances of high frequency and radio frequency oscillations that can pollute your signal pathway and reduce headroom. This allows us to remove compensation caps from circuit that are otherwise there to tame these oscillations. The result is improved phase response.

  • Newly designed “Rock-It Sockets” stream-line chip installation and provide built-in decoupling on all major ICs to reduce noise and crosstalk. Learn more about the Rock-It Socket here. 

  • New, ultra-low impedance Electrolytic Capacitors replace all existing electrolytics for improved phase response. 

  • New, corrosion-resistant, Gold-Plated Jacks on all inserts, headphone jacks, and normalling jacks, if applicable, to prevent signal loss and unwanted distortion/filtering from corroded normalling contacts. 

  • All modules additionally receive full refurbishments to restore them to “like-new” condition and strengthen all mechanical components connections to the PCB - learn more about our RESTORATION process here.

Optional Modifications

  • Summing Overhaul - some summing amps on the Master module and Group modules contain two separate signal pathways (Left & Right) in one chip: a dual op amp. By replacing these dual op amps with separate Mono Op Amps using a “Dual Mono Adapter Socket,” we can divide the work-load of a single chip into separate components, resulting in a major reduction of crosstalk, and up to 3dB of additional separation in your stereo field! 

  • THD+Noise Overhaul - some modules contain logic circuits that are responsible for things like Mute or Mute Group functions. The Field Effect Transistors (aka FETs) in many of these circuits create a “bottle-neck” for THD+N specs. By replacing these FETs with a Relay circuit of our own design, we can “pull out all the stops” and reduce THD+N by a considerable amount, improving transparency. 

  • Transformers - these passive components are great for adding colorful saturation/distortion while helping to eliminate ground loops and unwanted DC. We can install your choice of transformers in most circuits on the input or output stages of your signal pathways. We can even install them with a bypass switch, which allows you to audition the transformers in or out of the pathway. Contact us for recommendations.

  • VU Meter Backlight Replacement - most VUs have incandescent bulbs that tend to burn out long before the console has given up the ghost. We can replace these with custom LED arrays that will last a life-time. You get to choose the color and brightness, whether it’s natural white light, the classic amber luster, or something else creative. 

  • Altered Paths - certain signal pathways, like auxes or foldbacks, are often fed by a fixed Channel source or Tape Return (monitors), which can sometimes limit your mixing. It’s easy to alter this by rerouting signals paths. We can even possibly install a mini-toggle switch allowing for selecting between either source. 

  • More Convenient Placement of Switches - sometimes switches just aren’t in the easiest places to reach. For instance, the Soundcraft Ghost places the +48V switch for phantom power on the rear of the console, behind the meter bridge, making it difficult to reach during a tracking session. We can install custom switches for these in easy to reach places. 

  • The Sky’s the Limit - If you have any other custom mods you’d like us to attempt, our design wizards always appreciate a challenge. if you can dream it, we can probably do it. 

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