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Creation Audio Labs, aka CAL, officially started in 2003 when Harman Pro North America (HPNA) packed up and moved to Northridge California.  Several former HPNA engineers, who decided to stay in Nashville, joined forces and opened a full service repair center specializing in audio console upgrades, pro audio repair and high end restorations of vintage audio equipment.


All along the way it was our plan to develop Guitar Effects Pedals and related products for the players who “could hear the difference” and demanded quality. In 2005 the REDEEMER circuit was born and became our first entry to the market place. The REDEEMER circuit is the cornerstone of all of our products, it has great specs and does wonders against tone loss due to combinations of guitar pickups, cables, pedals and amps, etc...


Shortly after the REDEEMER hit the streets as an upgrade for guitars and basses it began getting the attention of guitar pros around music city and the rest of the industry.  It wasn’t long before someone requested a pedal version with a clean boost, and so later in 2005 the MK.4.23 was unleashed and took the clean boost market by surprise and continues to be our bestselling pedal.   The MK.4.23 captured the attention of major world renowned ARTISTS such as Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Billy Gibbons, Rich Derringer, Phil Keaggy and Brent Mason just to name a few. 


Soon we found ourselves talking with Michael Wagener, one of the greatest Producers of all times, about a pristine DI / Reamp box that he wanted, and which became a reality in the Summer of 2007 when the MW1 STUDIO TOOL hit the streets.  The MW1, as well as it’s younger brothers the LZ8 and SENTINEL, are the only DI and Reamp devices that can be inserted into a guitar or bass signal chain and adjusted properly so that they do not change the tonal quality of the signal.  Also, they can be adjusted in a way to find new and better tones, due to continuously variable input and output impedance controls.

Next came the HOLY FIRE an overdrive distortion pedal which introduced our wave-shaping circuitry to the world in 2008.  By combining old school analog computing with state of the art analog circuitry we were able to model saturation and distortion waveforms produced by vacuum tubes, transformers or analog tape in a sturdy, inexpensive, all analog pedal.  In side-by-side comparisons with the “best” pedals in the world, the HOLY FIRE, time and again, has been declared the clear winner in listening tests performed by people like you – unbiased, and with no stake in the outcome.


After this, the REDEEMER was also packaged into a BELT PACK and INLINE version.  Then for the next several years we investigated and designed power supplies and battery systems.  We discovered that there is truth to the legend that certain batteries sound better than others… and we scientifically proved that this was because of the output impedance of the battery, and not the voltage of the battery as was previously thought.  We found that a higher impedance associated with a weak battery provided certain pedals with a smoother, richer tone.  Dubbed “LDV” for “Load Dependent Voltage” this revelation was soon incorporated into the design of the pedaltrain powertrain1250 power supply which is the only pedal power supply in the world that can be adjusted to simulate any battery, at any strength.  During this time we also began a line of custom built console power supplies named PowerHouse PH.4.13


As a result of our research into power supplies, in 2013 we perfected a power boosting circuit that could be built into a pedal to take-in standard 9V pedal power and step it up to 36V or even 72V for incredible headroom.  This was brought to the world in the FUNKULATOR Bass Tone Shaper which also introduced the world to our “Humbuctor”.  A custom wound humbucking inductor that can be used in analog WAH pedals for a quieter performance.


The new power boosting circuit opened the door for a 9V version of the HOLY FIRE and a redesign of the MK.4.23 and LZ8 which now run on a generic 9V external power supply, yet operate internally at 72V and 36V respectively.  The new power boosting circuit also made possible the introduction of the GRIZZLY BASS overdrive distortion pedal in late 2014, taking the analog wave shaping computer core of the HOLY FIRE and combining it with the bass tone shaping humbuctor of the FUNKULATOR in one awesome pedal.  The GRIZZLY BASS hit the ground running and is our fastest moving pedal at this time.


We’re always cooking up a few new products.  It is our pledge to make them GREAT!  If you have any suggestions for us please let us know what you are thinking…WE WILL LISTEN!  You can reach us here: CONTACT


To get news about our GIVEAWAYS and new products add your email below.  Thanks! ~ Creation Audio Labs

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