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List Price $1595
Direct $1195


LZ8_Front-Corner 2021
LZ8_Front 2021
LZ* Front Straight On 2021
LZ8_Left-Side 2021
LZ8_Front-Right 2021
LZ8_Back 2021
LZ8_Rear-Corner 2021
Four clean track DI channels and four Real-Amp™ reverse DI channels


The LZ8 takes the pristine, transformerless DI and Real-Amping™ technologies of the MW1 and multiplies it by four - all in one rack space!  It's the ultimate level and impedance matching interface, whether as an MW1 accessory or standing alone.


Four floating transformerless guitar and bass DI channels with:

  • Hi-Z IN - Instrument level input.

  • INPUT-Z ATTENTUATION - variable impedance control (10K to 10M ohms).

  • GAIN - Level matching control (-6 to +30dB).

  • BAL OUT - Balanced TRS output with shield GND LIFT.


Four floating Real-Amping™ reverse DI channels with:

  • BAL IN - Balanced TRS inputs with shield GND LIFT.

  • ATTENTUATION - Level matching control (+6 to -30dB).

  • OUTPUT-Z - variable impedance control (50 to 50K ohms).

  • HiZ OUT- Instrument level output.

  • Isolated power supply.

Here are a few applications
  • Insert stomp box overdrive distortion and effects pedals in your studio path.

  • Insert professional studio signal processing gear into your guitar or bass instrument level effects pedal chain.

  • Boost your instruments to line level for DI tracking.

  • Attenuate your line level signals to instrument level for Real-Amping™.

  • Boost your instrument up to line level for a patchbay mult to split the signal to a DI track and simultaneously feed it back down to instrument level for multiple, composite amplifiers.

  • Use the impedance controls conservatively to match your instrument's original tone, or in exaggerated ways to shape and discover new tones.

  • Use two LZ8's (one in the control room and one in the studio) to pipe instrument signals up through long, line-level balanced snakes; then back down to instrument level at the opposite end. A great way to leave your amplifiers in isolation and allow the band to stay in the control room.

  • The LZ8 is a tool, use your imagination to invent new uses.


The LZ8 is built to order. Delivery time is 3 to 6 weeks. To inquire, please contact us at or (615) 884-7520

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