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Power House custom built console PSU

Power House custom built console PSU

Power House custom built console power supply unit for any sound board

Power House custom built console PSU

Power House custom built console PSU

Power House custom built console power supply unit for any sound board

*The pictured PH.4.13 is a replacement for a Soundcraft CPS2000 power supply.  Your custom unit may have minor differences according to what it is replacing.

Your power supply is one of the most important factors contributing to the quality of your audio.  It has a big influence on your distortion and noise floor.  Check out the graph below.

Improved Noise Floor

"Here's a graph of a Soundcraft Venue II Theatre I/P module. The module is out of the console, on the bench. First, it was graphed wired to a Soundcraft DCP 200 linear power supply. Next, it was graphed with a Power House PH.4.13 power supply. Finally, the module was refurbished, up-chipped and recapped and graphed again with the Power House. The chips and caps really helped a lot with the distortion and phase graphs, but in this graph you can see that when it comes to noise floor, the power supply is the most important factor."

The Power House PH.4.13 is a built-to-order custom power supply that can be configured to power almost any console (or anything else for that matter).  Great News for vintage console owners who need a replacement or back-up power supply and can no longer find the original power supplies; for engineers who want to upgrade to new op-amps and need extra current; or to replace noisy switch-mode supplies. 

Our custom built power supplies come with a Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, plus a two year warranty for the components. 


A partial list of some of the power supplies we've built upgrades or replacements for:

Soundcraft - CPS 275, CPS 250, PSM 290, PSM 300 for the Soundcraft Ghost, K2, K3 and other consoles.  CPS 2000 for the Series Five.  CPS 800 for the SM16.  CPS 150 for the smaller Series 200B, Spirit, Delta, Venue, K1 and others.  CPS 450 for the medium sized consoles.  CPS 550, CPS 650, CPS 750, CPS 950 and CPS 1000 for the larger Sapphyre, Series TS24, Series 3200 and other consoles.  Standard, Medium and Large Console power supplies for the older Series 500, Series 600, Series 2400, Series 6000, Series 8000 and other consoles.


Trident Series 80 replacement power supply.


AMEK MPS10 power supply for the Media 51 console and MPS15  power supply for the Recall console.


Yamaha PM2K replacement power supply.


Allen and Heath RPS 11 and RPS 14 replacement power supplies for the ML4000, ML5000, GS3000 and others.


NEVE 5114 replacement power supply.

The Power House PH.4.13 is built with beefy, medical grade, linear power modules that have the best possible specs.  We add a few modifications of our own to make them track together, give them soft turn-on and trim the voltages for maximum headroom.   Each Power House is built-to-order, as such, many custom requests can be considered in the design… For example, 115/230V switchable, redundant PSU linkable, temperature sensors, fan speed controls, voltage tracking, added headroom, etc... just let us know and we can work it out.  They can usually be built for a lower price than the original console power supply. 


CONTACT us for a custom quote.

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