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Limited Edition MK.4.23 NEBULA ~ Only 50 Made (Only 2 left as of Sept 26th 2023!)

Carbon Black Armor Finish, Ultraviolent LED Color Theme, 30dBu Clean Boost, Pristine Buffered Bypass 


Limited Edition MK.4.23 Nebula

Out of Stock
    • Clean Boost, unity to +30dB.

    • Pristine Buffered Bypass based on the Redeemer buffer.

    • Power stepped up for +28dB headroom to handle the hottest amp effect loops.

    • Can be used as a DI to plug directly into the line input of any sound system.

    • Incredible 0.0005% THD+n.

    • Lower than -115dBu noise floor. Over 140dB signal to noise ratio possible!

    • Flat frequency and phase response from 20Hz to 20kHz.

    • Uses 9VDC 75mA standard center-negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector.

    • Small footprint 3.1" x 4.25".

    HURRY!!! Less than 50 Left... These won't be made Again!!!

    Limited Edition MK.4.23 NEBULA


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