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The nearer you can put the Redeemer guitar buffer to your pick-ups the better, because any cable between your guitar and the Redeemer can start to suck your tone. That's why if you can install a Redeemer buffer circuit inside your guitar, it's the best way to go. But, sometimes you just can't. Or, maybe you have 6 guitars and don't want to buy 6 Redeemer kits (if you do have 6 guitars ask about quantity discounts).


The belt pack is simply a Redeemer guitar buffer in a convenient box to make buffering any guitar or bass easy.  A short 18" low capacitance cable is used for maximum tone preservation.

Redeemer Buffer Belt Pack


    • Great for studios, drive long cords to an amp in the iso room, while you perform in the control room.

    • Use as a crystal clean transformerless DI in the studio or live.

    • For instruments with no room to add a battery.

    • For vintage guitars you wouldn't want to alter.

    • Bypass switch allows you to accommodate vintage FX pedals.

    • 9V battery compartment.

    • Dual-color LED indicates battery and bypass status. 

    • Sturdy black anodized aluminum frame stays hidden on video shoots.

    • Clips onto your strap or fits in your pocket.  

    • Appx. 3.5" x 2" x 1"

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