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A Redeemer buffer circuit inside your guitar is the best way to go, but maybe you have a large pedal board and some pedals need to be re-buffered to drive the cable capacitance on towards the amplifier.

Redeemer Buffer Inline

  • One of the worst offenders is the passive volume pedal.  A Redeemer buffer in your guitar has no problem driving the load of your effect pedals, including the 250K pot inside the volume pedal. But, pull that passive volume pedal back halfway, and now that 250K pot is trying to drive the remaining cable on toward the amplifier and your tone turns to mud because of the high impdeance of the pedal.


    The inline allows you to re-buffer the guitar signal after your pedal board to complete the journey to the amplifier.  Like the belt pack, but with an input jack in-place of the input cable, and a standard 5.5 x 2.1mm tip negative barrel connector for power in-place of the bypass switch.  


    • Use together with a Redeemer install or belt pack buffer for bullet-proof tone.

    • Great as a crystal clean transformerless DI in the studio or live.

    • 3.6V to 24VDC for extra headroom to accommodate overdrive or boost pedals in your effect chain.

    • 9V battery compartment.

    • LED indicates power status. 

    • Sturdy black anodized aluminum frame stays hidden on video shoots.

    • Small size easily hides under pedal boards to leave more room for effects.

    • Appx. 3.5" x 2" x 1"

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