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The Rock-it Socket is a ready to plug-in and play through-hole op amp DIP socket, or can be used as an adapter for surface-mount SO8/SOIC-8 op amps, It has several features including built-in power supply decoupling capacitors to fine tune circuit performance.​​

Rock-it Socket - SMD to DIP Socket Upgrade

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    • Supports both dual and single channel op amps.

    • DIP-8 Socket provided on top of mini-PCB for solder-free install of through-hole op amps.

    • Surface-mount op amps solder directly to the bottom of the mini-PCB in the foot-print labeled "U1."

    • Rock-it Socket improves decoupling on power supply connections with built-in capacitors between +V, -V and Ground.

    • Options for decoupling to dedicated ground pins are provided. 

    • For mono op amps, an empty footprint (C4) is provided for conveniently mounting a "frequency compensation" 0603 SM capacitor, if needed to limit the bandwidth of the op amp.

    The Rock-it Socket is great for modifying new and existing or vintage analog consoles, mixers, guitar pedals, headphone amps, audio processors, and all manner of audio circuits. Takes the guess work out of upgrades!  See the User Manual for more details

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