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Redeemer Direct Output Circuit

Redeemer Direct Output Circuit

Based off of our pristine Redeemer technology, this circuit can be installed in virtually any console, guitar pedal, or audio processing device, providing a transparent, impedance-balanced direct output jack whose output level can be attenuated for most any gain-stage. 


  • Slim, compact design with circuit built right onto the jack itself.

  • Transparent, flat frequency from 10Hz to 50kHz won't color your tone.

  • Crystal clear, flat phase response improves signal definition and image.

  • Low output-Z less than 75 ohms can drive a line-level signal through hundreds of feet of cable without tone loss, while suppressing cable noise.

  • Impedance-balanced output signal perfect for balanced inputs on connected devices.

  • Tap signal for the Direct Output off of any section of the circuit - for pre or post Mic/EQ/Insert/Fader - you decide!

  • Attenuate output level from any gain-stage with mini trim-pot.

  • Extremely low distortion (appx. 0.0005% THD+N).

  • Extremely low noise (less than -125dBu).

  • Runs off the power supplied by the console/device you install it in. Requires less than 3mA of current draw so you won't need to upgrade your power supply.

  • Accepts voltages as low as 3.6V or as high as 24VDC for extra headroom.

  • 4 wires for installation: 1 for signal, 2 for +/- voltages from power supply, 1 for ground connection.

  • Appx. 1" x 3/4" x 5/16".


The Redeemer Direct Output circuit can turn any mixer or console lacking direct outputs into a fully capable tracking console for production and recording  of discrete input channels and/or groups busses. The Redeemer Direct Output circuit is powered by the supply voltages from the console or audio device's own power supply, making an additional power supply for the Redeemer Direct Output circuit unnecessary.  To install, simply drill a hole in the device's frame and tighten the provided nut and washer  onto the threaded collar of the jack. Then solder the provided wires to a suitable signal source, +/- power rails, and ground plane on the circuit you wish to tap signal off of. Adjust the output level of the Redeemer Direct Output circuit using the on-board trim pot until you reach the desired level for the output, and you're set to record!


Works great with vintage analog studio and live consoles Also works great as an on-board transformer-less DI circuit for install in any instrument pedal, stage box, or audio processor for sending signals direct to line-level inputs on a mixer or interface.

Direct Output wiring instructions

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