Sentinel PRIME - the ultimate amp control center.  Dual DI's, Dual Reamping and up to 16 amplifier feeds with independent level, impedance, isolation and polarity correction.  This Built to order DI / Reamp / amp splitter / switching matrix with 2 inputs and 16 outputs - may be short-loaded to 2 outputs and additional outputs added as needed.  Here is the block diagram you can study


Two inputs with individual mutes make it easy to track two instruments simultaneously or switch between guitars in live situations. Each input has variable impedance to match or enhance the tone of your pick-ups.  There is an Instrument/Line switch that makes it simple to switch between tracking and reamping in the studio.  The input level control can vary +6dBu to -30dBu.  Signal LED's warn if the signal is too low or too high.  A polarity switch addresses phase problems. Insert sends and returns can accommodate adding effects.  The inserts can be switched in and out with the push of a switch (relay remote control optional).  The balanced Direct DI output can be switched pre or post the insert loops with -6dBu to +24dBu of gain control.  There is a master Mute switch to kill all the main outputs and has a foot switch control jack. Finally, there is an "always on" pre-mute tuner output which is a mono sum of both inputs for tuning or as an additional signal send.


Each output has switches to select input 1 or input 2 or a sum of both inputs.  The level control goes from -6dBu to +24dBu of pristine clean boost.  An isolation switch gives you the choice of transformer or transformerless coupling featuring our patent pending transformer Redeemer circuit which corrects transformer frequency and phase shift issues.  A polarity reverse switch, variable output impedance and mute switch finish out the standard features.  Optionally, each output can be fitted with indivual insert send and return loops.  The mutes and inserts can optionally be fitted with relay remote control - the ideal for relay control would be for live situations, being able to control which amps and effects are on via a remote controller.


The Sentinel PRIME - Amp Control Center is built to order, as such, many custom requests can be considered in the design.  Delivery time is 12 to 16 weeks. To inquire, please contact us at or (615) 884-7520