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Producer, Guitarist and Writer Teddy Kumpel in the Spotlight

~In the Spotlight

Having played on soundtracks such as "Talladega Nights" and "Anchorman" with Will Ferrell, and "The Switch" with Jennifer Aniston to his credit, Teddy Kumpel is a New York based guitar player, singer, producer and engineer who has played with the likes of Joe Jackson, Rickie Lee Jones, Feist, Nine Inch Nails, Phil Lesh, Marshall Crenshaw and Laura Branigan to name just a few.

"Teddy is my favorite effects guitar player." ~ Adrian Belew

(King Crimson, the Talking Heads, David Bowie, etc.)

We recently caught up with Teddy on tour with Joe Jackson in Nashville TN. The performance at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center was possibly one of the best sounding shows I've ever witnessed. The fans were incredibly enthusiastic and the atmosphere was extremely intimate. It really was as if we caught Joe and the band right at home and they invited us in to hang for the evening. It was a big thrill for me, having listened to Joe Jackson on the original MTV airings in the early 80's, to see one of our Classic Holy Fire 48v effect pedals flickering away on Teddy's pedal board.

We met with Teddy after the show. There was talk of extending the tour and adding dates. I really do recommend that you try to catch them live. You won't be disappointed.

Asking Teddy how it was going with his Holy Fire pedal, his response was...

"Clearly you guys made a deal with the devil to invent this pedal. It goes from down and dirty to heavenly in a single bound! The Holy Fire is an essential part of my rig... it's on 80% of the time and acts as my basic sound. It's extremely high quality and even with no drive on it improves the sound of my guitar drastically. It just makes everything I play sound more better!"

We promise Teddy, no deals were made with the devil... quite the opposite ;-)

Teddy's performance was amazing. With one guitar and a battalion of effects he covered all the bases and left no stone unturned.

LOOPestra: an orchestra of guitar loops

With innovative use of looping technology and his vast experience mangling vintage and modern sounds Teddy effortlessly creates myriad textures that make you think there must be a whole slew of musicians hiding backstage.Despite what the multi layered sound might tell you, everything you hear from Teddy Kumpel on stage is played live.

You can learn more about Teddy by visiting the his website:

Teddy Kumpel with Joe Jackson in Nashville, TN.
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