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New Lifetime and Product Warranty policy from Creation Audio Labs!

Lifetime warranty on manufacturing craftsmanship.
Lifetime and Product Warranty Policy

We stand behind our products. Creation Audio Labs, Inc. (“CAL") guarantees our products to be free of manufacturing defects or faulty workmanship for the entire lifetime of the product.

Lifetime is defined as seven years after CAL discontinues manufacturing the product, but the lifetime warranty period shall be at least ten years from date of manufacture. Warranty is established by the product serial number’s date of manufacture and is therefore transferrable from owner to owner.

The lifetime product warranty policy covers failures due to manufacturing defects or faulty workmanship that occur during normal intended use. Failures other than manufacturing defects or faulty workmanship that occur during normal intended use are covered by the two-year product warranty.


The lifetime warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of mechanical components such as switches, potentiometers and connectors beyond two years. The warranties do not cover packaging, manuals, fuses, disposable batteries, damage from neglect, abuse, misuse, contamination, modification, alteration, accident, abnormal conditions of operation or mishandling, including failures caused by use outside of the product's specifications, power supply surges, line power surges, power spikes or acts of God. The warranties do not cover finish color changes due to exposure to environment, smoke, fumes, leaks or abuse. The warranties do not cover damage occurring in shipment of the product or failures which are caused by other connected products, faulty installation, improper adjustment, or service performed by anyone other than CAL. Products must be returned to CAL for any warranty service.

Limits and Exclusions:

There are no expressed warranties except as listed above. CAL shall not be liable for special, incidental, subsequent, consequential, or punitive damages, including but not limited to: damage to any other equipment, damage to recordings, broadcasts, or live events, downtime costs, loss of goodwill, or claims of any party dealing with the purchaser for such damages resulting from the use of our product. All warranties, expressed and implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited to the applicable warranty periods as set forth above.

If there is a defect:

If a product fails, please contact CAL to determine if the problem can be resolved easily with our help, or to determine if it is necessary to send the product in for service.

Shipping charges to CAL from the owner will be the responsibility of the owner of the product. Return shipping from CAL to the owner within the United States via the most economical means will be paid by CAL. Any international, expedited or special handling shipping charges will be the responsibility of the owner, minus the charges that would be incurred by economy shipping rates for the return of the product.

Defective units will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of, and subject to inspection and approval by Creation Audio Labs, Inc

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